Our newest passionate Sunny-cords team member: Meet Sharon

Our newest passionate Sunny-cords team member: Meet Sharon


Name: Sharon

From: Gouda, The cheesy spot in the Netherlands             

Hobbies: Traveling and adventure, photography, being social/meet new people, sport & health, scuba-diving, winter-sports and festivals. 

Fun-fact: Sharon is LITERALLY ALWAYS away from home. 

Favourite sunglass cords: Liberty SpiritGeorgiCoco grey


Hi Mates!

I’m thrilled to introduce myself as the newest passionate Sunny Cords’ member.

My name is Sharon People describe me positive minded, always cheerful, addicted to travelling and meanwhile already in Australia for 5 months. Time flies when you’re having fun!

After 4 months of traveling in Asia and a beautiful 4x4 adventure on the East-coast of Australia I was more than ready for a new challenge. I was so happy to hear that Flo could use a hardworking-sales-and-marketing-tiger like me. First i didn't know about Sunny-cords, the Australian glasses chain brand. But from the moment Florine and i were in touch i fell in love with this boho sunglass cord brand. And then i was part of the Sunny Cords team!

As I am writing this, I’ve been working for Sunny Cords for 4 weeks, and I love it!

It’s my mission to raise Sunny Cords to a higher level, while enjoying everything that Sydney has to offer. Working for an international brand like Sunny Cords has always been my dream and particularly love seeing the differences in sales between Australia and Europe. And wow, the differences between Dutch and Australian sunglass chains customers are definitely present as i already noticed from the start. 

Every day I go to work with so much pleasure and now you guys must be thinking: how does a day at Sunny Cords looks like? Well, I’ll tell you…

We start the day with a good coffee (REALLY IMPORTANT) and than we have a ‘How are you doing today?’-chat. Then we spar all day about topics like: How can we improve the website? What is good content for Social media? Which  sunglass chains shall we highlight this week? What are the interests of our target group and what are the summer trends for 2020? How do we translate this to the sunglasses cords for woman and men? In between we take a dip in the ocean on Bondi Beach, because yes that stimulates our creativity! On Saturday and Sunday you can find me on the Bondi, Glebe or Manly markets. This is where I help customers decide which Sunnys eyewear suits them best!

Well, that was a short version about who I am and why I’m passionate to work for Sunny Cords.

You will undoubtedly hear more from me!

Bye, Bye.

Love Sharon


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