The eyewear chain an old fashioned item hidden in the drawer of your grandma? Far from the truth! It is now official: the eyewear chain is back on the beam and we have some of the biggest fashion brands on board of this statement. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

Sunny Cords combines function and fashion, these sunglass chains are crafted with an eye for detail and for every style or occasion. The designs are handmade and integrate unique combinations of materials.

Flo Kemp (33), entrepreneur from Amsterdam, but living in Sydney since 8 years, is the creative brain behind the brand SUNNY CORDS. She was determined to bring the eyewear chain back into fashion. And yes, she DID. 
With a team of likeminded people they work around the clock to achieve their mis sion of becoming #1 brand in glasses chains.  

It was actually a truly practical matter: a small but daily nuisance that I was looking to solve. When taking my glasses off, I would tuck them in my tee or wear them on the top of my head, but I would still loose or drop them. Of course that would either damage my frames or they’d tangle up in my hair.

Done with that and over it, I started an online search for the holy grail – aka a pair of sunny cords. Not only was it hard to find a pair that weren’t overly old fashioned, it was also hard to find cords that were handy, well-made and stylish at the same time and versatile enough to wear with my outfits for work and playtime both. That’s how the idea for SUNNY CORDS was born.